5 Things That Make a Hot Tub Energy Efficient
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5 Things That Make a Hot Tub Energy Efficient

by | Sep 8, 2022

In a world where climate change is becoming more and more important, ensuring your hot tub is energy efficient will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but put a little money back into your wallet! Spending time relaxing with your family in your backyard spa while remaining environmentally conscious sounds good doesn’t it? In order to make sure your tub is energy efficient, here is a list of 5 things that make a hot tub energy efficient.


Energy Efficient Pumps

Ensuring your spa is equipped with energy-efficient pumps will keep your expenses down while providing you with the benefit of proper water flow and filtration! Smaller pumps made for filtration may not consume lots of power, however they continuously run 24 hours a day, meaning over time they will utilize a large amount of energy.

Make sure your hot tub is equipped with high-efficiency pumps that draw minimal amperage while still allowing high water flow, so you can get those backyard spa massages you’ve been looking forward to after a hard day of work!


Insulation and a Good Cover

A properly insulated hot tub and a good cover will conserve energy by ensuring the heater will not need to run as often, thus conserving more energy.

The proper amount of insulation in the walls and bottom of your tub will conserve heat and energy by minimizing heat loss. Most new hot tubs are very well insulated, but if you have an older model you may wish to add insulation to your tub. When adding insulation be careful how much you add as you want to allow your pumps enough space to cool themselves. 

We all know that heat rises and making sure that you have a good cover will assist in reducing heat loss within your spa. A well-made cover will be 4”-6” thick with a waterproof barrier that protects the foam within. When selecting a hot tub cover be sure it also has a foam seal surrounding the entire cover; this will make sure that there are no uninsulated gaps between the tub and cover.


Lower your Water Temperature

Not only should you lower your water temperature when on vacation, but you can also lower the temperature without sacrificing too much heat. Lowering the temperature of your tub’s water by just one degree can reduce your energy bill by as much as 10-15% and save you money.


Fix Leaks

 Some lesser-made hot tubs over time may begin to have small leaks. Leaks can seep inside the walls and bottom of your tub affecting the pumps and causing them to work harder to get the same pressure. The harder your pumps need to work, the less energy efficient your hot tub spa will be!


Finding the Right Size Hot Tub for Your Family

Whether your family is large or small, there is a backyard spa made for you! If your family unit consists of just you and your partner, a 2-person hot tub is the best option when searching for an energy-efficient way to enjoy the heat. If you purchase a 5-7 person tub, when you’ll only be using it for 2 people, you’ll end up using and heating more water than necessary. This will not only cost you more but be less environmentally friendly!

There You Have It!

Energy-efficient pumps, proper insulation, and a good cover will keep the heat and temperature maintained in your tub and the cost of your energy bill down. Lowering the temperature by just one degree can also lower your energy bill without sacrificing too much heat. Fixing leaks immediately and purchasing the proper sized hot tub for your needs will ensure that you aren’t wasting more water than necessary. All of these things will keep you and your backyard spa energy efficient!

Now that you know 5 things that can make a hot tub energy efficient, you should be well on your way to a more energy-efficient way to reduce stress and enjoy your backyard oasis.